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Our customers can reach us all over Germany in the enjoyment of our high-class service, because we are expanding. Our customers from far, are able to take advantage of the first-class services of our Top Models. Enjoy luxury and pure pleasure with us.
Our service company’s success story started in North Rhine-Westphalia. From there we conquered the entire country step by step and are now represented in Frankfurt. Thus, we now offer our customers here the reliability and integrity, which is essential for a companion company. Not only meat for our customers who enjoy a certain popularity in the press and on TV, we count discretion and a fair price in addition to quality, we are available for a harmonious and good relationship with our customers.
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The Girls offers top class – High Class we literally escape from everyday life with sensory experiences in Frankfurt.

Fulfilling the needs of a man is what we do. Entertainment and an atmosphere of comfortability is what our client deserves and what we want to offer that to him. That’s why we provide our customers with exciting and sophisticated ladies at his side. Our models lead them through the city to places where rest and exciting erotica is waiting for our customers. The Ladies are there for one and only reason, to entirely satisfy the desires of the client.
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The 5 best accommodations in Frankfurt

Exclusive hotels Find below a variety of upscale accommodations in the banking metropolis of Frankfurt. There is hardly  better venues for a rendezvous with an exciting lady.

Inside Frankfurt Eurotheum | Address: Neue Mainzer Strasse 66 | Tel: +49 (0) 69 210 880 |
A view of a special kind, overlooking the Old Opera House, Eurotheum, a 110 meter high building right next to the Main Tower. It comprises a total of 31 floors. On these floors 74 apartments are housed. These come in a very special style. Particularly impressive are the additional luxury suites. Whichever accommodation you book at this 4-star hotel, the view can be enjoyed from anywhere. This also applies to the particularly chic bar “22nd Lounge” as for the private hot tub in its own property. Feel a little way we in Manhattan, even though you are in Mainhatten. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel is located in the rest, the city centre and the famous shopping street Goethestrasse.

The main railway station is just 1 km walking distance.
Whether you rent a loft, a suite or apartment. You will find all modern comforts in here. So there is a sauna-course or pump iron in the gym really from. Let the evening in a sophisticated atmosphere with jazz music or at one of the live shows in the club lounge of the house. The Inside Frankfurt Eurotheum is not a simple accommodation, it is an experience.
Your rate: from 180 EUR | 8.5 out of 10 points on HRS | TripAdvisor is 4 out of 5 | Access to all areas is possible with card

Villa Kennedy | Address: Kennedyallee 70 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 7171720
The hotel which was named after the famous US president, has not without reason the name Villa. Because this hotel almost in the heart of Frankfurt is an especially impressive retreat. The 163 sleeping accommodation is of a very special equipment that will enable its guests in a distant past. Would you like to order their girls to be in your 5 star accommodation, it is necessary to provide it with an access card. Alternatively you can have the first Begegnnung take place in the lounge right in the foyer. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with a stylish lady in an equally stylish 5-star accommodation.
Your rate: 210 EUR | 8.8 out of 10 on HRS | 4.5 of 5 of TripAdvisor | Access with card possible.

Roomers | Address: Gutleutstraße 85 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 2713420
The Roomers is more suitable for modern chic and representation. Who wants to leave, which should be put up at this cathedral of modern design. Zugeich Roomers is the place for an initial acquaintance with an exciting lady. Experience 5-star luxury of a special kind and learn all about the occasional celebrities known here. This hotel is chosen by lovers’, classy and funky designs only a bonus. If you would like to belong to this select group of people, they enjoy a carefree and passionate time with one of our lovely ladies here at Roomers.
Room rates: from 150 EUR | 8.4 out of 10 rating by HRS | 4.0 out of 5 rating in Trip-advisor | Access possible without key-card.


Hilton Airport Squaire | Address: At the airport | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 26012000
The suffix Squaire earned the Hilton Airport by the fact that it is located in the area of architectural miracle same. Especially the design of the 68 columns is more than impressive. It is as if the 600 m long building supported by these 68 pillars as it float in the air. The Squaire be reached easily by car via the A3. Here hotel-own underground car parks can be used. From there you can get right into the lobby. Also on public transport, the Square is what is especially for guests who have arrived at the airport of inestimable advantage. So keep the ICE virtually right outside the front door. The hotel enjoys great popularity. In particular, the friendly and very modern ambience exudes a friendly and tidy character. A very nice place to stay and relax. To avoid misunderstandings, we point out that the hotel Garden Hotel by Hilton, which is also located in Squaire building, a separate accommodation is not high and is comparable to the Squaire. If you feel the desire to receive a lady of our house Hilton Airport Squaire, this is possible in the lobby. Alternatively, you can give even her visitor with a second access card access to its premises. This can be left at reception.
Prices per night: from 190 EUR | there are still no HRS Bwertung ago | TripAdvisor awards 4.5 of 5 | Access via key-card

Jumeirah | Address: Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 2972370
So mysterious and adventurous the name Jumeirah is also the lingering here. Maybe HRS has not had the opportunity to evaluate the Jumeirah and therefore the property is not in the appropriate list. But the fact is that the hotel is located in terms of quality and Perris value among the top addresses in the city. So do ear own image of luxury hotel Jumeirah. Enjoy superior comfort at the side of an incredibly exciting woman and spend unforgettable hours in the city of Frankfurt on Main.
Prices for accommodation: from 199 EUR | an HRS Berwertung not yet available | TripAdvisor awards: 4.5 of 5 | Access possible without key-card

Gastronomic Guides Frankfurt on Main

Culinary city guide for your rendezvous with an lady in the Main metropolis

Hey Ivory Club | Address: Taunusanlage 15 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 77067767
Who takes food in the Ivory Club, located in illustrious company: Straight international cuisine it is that attracts luminaries, sports, showbiz and other industries. It is therefore hardly surprising that celebrities such as Steffi Graf, Michael Schumacher and Thoms Gottschalk the Ivory Club paid a visit during her visit to the city. So This is where the who’s who of business, fashion and society. In matching ambience with the impressive tusks Taunusanlage and the famous glass towers of Deutsche Bank located The Ivory Club offers a special flair. The atmosphere is dignified, yet enstpannt in its own way and cool. An ideal place to can be bestowed in the company of a charming  accompanied traditinelle Indian or modern international cuisine. Whichever court the guest may also decide the particular quality of the food and ambience are visiting merh than worth. The style of the house, that is able to host 160 guests is exciting and architecturally impressive. It is therefore not surprising that the FIZZZ Award “Dorporate Design 2006” went to the Ivory Club. In Design a colonial style is indicated, which is complemented by very tasteful dark exotic wood in the interior. Sensational items make the place also an exciting experience full of mysterious discoveries. The dark style of the interior contrasts with white decoration on the tables. The unique atmosphere is complemented by a special lighting. Whoever enters The Ivory Club, plunges into a different world. This world has nothing to do with the hustle and bustle of the otherwise busy city Frankfurt. Here you are in an oasis of relaxation and deceleration. Drift and enjoy a spectacular meal or look you the lady on your site with a glass of wine quiet deep into his eyes. There you will be able to read the promise of a hot and passionate night. The only downside of the restaurant is unfortunately the waiting times. Because enjoys The Ivory Club an ever-growing popularity, a lead time should be considered. But the wait was definitely worth it. Diners come here with its great accompaniment from the high-class service, initiates an unforgettable evening. The restaurant has moreover its own valet parking. Regulars know this amenity quite appreciate.
Prices for main dishes: 20-50EUR | Rating Stars: 7 of 10 [for food] and 9 of 10 [for the ambience]

Surf ‘n Turf | Address: Grüneburgweg 95 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 722 122
This store is hearty and varied cuisine of the United States. On its home page the Surf’n’Turf praises Premium meat from the US. Here also real men are fed up with security. When you enter this restaurant from Frankfurt with its accompaniment of VIP compa, they are in probably the most unique and legendary steakhouse in town and around. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world that is reminiscent of Western, dust and dirt of the Cowboys. Surrounded by floor to ceiling shelves for wine provides the interior of black leather banquettes a fascinating experience. Rounding out an impressive steak knife is ds Surf’n’Turf something for heroes who know how to appreciate a juicy steak. At protein intake there will be no shortage when you enjoy the exquisite meat or lobster specialties certainly. The portions are intended for adult males and silent guarantied the hunger even the strongest man. Who knows what the enjoyed here energy supply still may later be used? May be that nature uses this, you decide with your lovely lady from the companion Frankfurt. To put it in a nutshell, we quote in conclusion the judgment of a major newspaper, the “damned good” for this shop was limited to the word and yet so everything ausagte.
Prices for main dishes: 25-40EUR | Rating Stars: 8 of 10 [for food] and 8 of 10 [for the ambience]

Zenzakan | Address: Taunusanlage 15 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 97086908
The Zenzakan is more than just a restaurant. This is about more than just food. Although the failed Pan-Asian cuisine is already an attraction in itself as it is but also the unique structure of the location, which fascinates visitors and captivates. At nearly 400 seats spread over nearly 2,000 square meters, there seems the Zenzakan like an Asian temple. This impression is created by imposing high Buddha figures, which distributes in local entertain the viewer. This, together with the more than 200 characters Asian warrior, hand-carved lions and the bamboo ambience offer a touch of Asia in the middle of Rheinhessen. This uniqueness of the Pan Asian Super Club is a popular destination for people looking for something extraordinary. Such an experience is otherwise only cities like Dubai, London or New York reserved. The visitors of the city of Frankfurt are now benefiting from this spectacular experience. Besides weltstädtichen flair that surrounds the visitors of the restaurant, it is this very real world modeled on Asia, which draws the visitor into its spell. Gloomy, temples reinvented atmosphere with mysterious booths giving the restaurant a bit mysterious and fabled. Visitors can withdraw into itself small sitting areas the prying eyes of the other guests and share in the privacy of glances and gestures that create desire for more. In particular, with its accompaniment of High Class Escort Service Frankfurt ringing may here an evening that ends in the summit of sensuality. Ensnared of enchanting musical sounds fine cuisine will enjoy visiting the Zenzakan a first-class experience. The kitchen is versatile and caters for all tastes a unique delicacy. Who wants to visit the Zenzakan with his lady, but should advance to reserve a table.
Prices for main dishes: 25-50EUR | Review in stars: 8 of 10 [for food] and 10 of 10 [for the ambience]

Main Tower | Address: Neue Mainzer Strasse 52-58 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 36504771
Here is a symbiosis of German cuisine and Mediterranean food is offered. After the check has been completed by the security personnel in the Main Tower, the view is free for a superior view. Because on spectacular 187 meters above the ground, the visitor feels exalted above the roofs of the city of Frankfurt am Main. Thus, the view is free and completely possible, a wall of windows has been installed, which is interrupted by floor to ceiling by anything. This creates the impression of weightlessness is created, the view from the 53th floor falls out. Who is looking for the spectacular and exciting, which is right here. They are decorated to match the place rather purist and cool. So come on a bustling atmosphere that is not for lovers of the cosier warm atmosphere admittedly. But not just the spectacular ambience speak for the Main Tower. The exclusive kitchen is not only rich, but also very high quality. Not for nothing you all dishes are presented by the team of experienced staff closely. So everyone gets its taste and may the spectacular feeling still enjoy some time in connection with a huge selection of mixed drinks. The Bar offers everything should offer a bar, and fine snacks. Sustainable bleibn remembered the warm and very friendly nature of the staff. So if you are on a dizzying adventure, visit with your companion lady this exciting restaurant. Who knows, maybe the night is indeed equally dizzying and exciting? The 7 euro, up cost transportation to the 53rd floor, is an investment that you are guaranteed to not regret.
Menu prices: 60-100EUR | Review in stars: 8 of 10 [for food] and 9 of 10 [for the ambience]

Tigerpalast Gourmet Restaurant | Address: Heiligkreuzgasse 20 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 92 00 22 0
A mix of international and modern dishes to suit the device. Not lifted, yet stylish. This is in brief the Zusammenfassug of Tigerpalast gourmet restaurant. It is located in the Theater Tigerpalast and invites you as a visitor accompanied by one of our companion to stay. That will also find fine dining offered, is the Michelin star, which is already awarded in beautiful regularity since 1997th hat it has even passed in 2013 to another star, shows that the tradition of the kitchen constantly is on above-average level. Therefore try the food, cooked by the celebrity chef Christoph Reiners for you. His cuisine is a variation of international elements, which is complemented by an incredibly high selection of fine wines. To ensure the freshness, the menu depends on the calendar, so the use of seasonal ingredients can be guaranteed. The offer is varied and leaves nothing to be desired. This includes maritime delights and local Frankfurter solid meals. After this exquisite Gaumenkitzel, the a la carte starting at 31, – Euro is available, the attraction of the senses with the lady  can then be continued elsewhere.
Meal: 98 EUR | Review in stars: 10 of 10 [for food] and 10 of 10 [for the ambience]

Dive with a lady into the city’s nightlife

Hang out recommendations in Frankfurt

Kurzweil and relaxation is offered in Frankfurt. Therefore, below a few recommendations of the house for you and your lady from the our agency
helium | Address: Bleidenstraße 7 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 287035
The self-proclaimed scene Club Helium is a very fine club bar. But he is more than that. The audience that since 1989 meets here, has a penchant for famous DJs. The club sets trends that are elsewhere to hear later also.
Although helium has housed as steeped in history scene club famous faces in music history, he nevertheless considered as human and down-home location. EIn shop that always reinvents itself and thus never falls out of fashion.
The ultimate must have been place in Frankfurt!

Breeze by Lebua Bar | Address: Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 92 88 66 56
Here drinks are not just simple enough. The Breeze by Lebua is a restaurant, which enjoys an international Renommés. Not for nothing is one of the countries in the top ten in terms of innovation. The cocktails that exist here, the result of a science. This is a gathering of all possible influences from Asian, Iberian and other inspirations are marked here served cocktails, of which one not at all suggested that there is this. These visitors can enjoy exquisite Thai and other types of cuisine, which is of exquisite quality. Even if the visit may have its price, so it is still among them, and not a few it comes close attention to. Treat yourself with a lady of the companion once something very special.
Design meets luxury in a spectacular bar in Frankfurt am Main.

Gibson | Address: Zeil 77 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 94947770
Here all those who love a lively club scene meet. Immerse yourself fully with exquisite music in an international flair. Stylish guests and an equally stylish ambience are the hallmarks of Club. Life pulsates here, but also quiet corners invite you to linger.
Life, dancing, laughing, see and be seen!

Roomers Bar | Address: Gutleutstraße 85 | | Tel: +49 (0) 69 2713420
Tasteful style with exquisite cuisine the Roomers. Here is the simple sense be satisfied, however, with absolutely exquisite quality. Purist, yet all offering what the culinary heart desires it is this bar. The evening can hardly relaxed start as a visit to the Roomers Bar alongside an exciting woman from Luxury Escort.
Men who know what it takes, will love this bar!

Shopping in Frankfurt

Stroll with your charming lady at your side through the loading scene of the city and impress them with your exquisite taste

Shopping in Mainhatten City
Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan city with absolute authority. This attribute also obliged to provide for the appropriate selection of clothing and accessories. After all, who has made it big, this will represent correspondingly. Therefore, it is imperative that the City of Frankfurt holding an offer for anyone willing. Whether luxury products, fashion or a fancy style. Here in Frankfurt is to find everything for everyone.

As a symbol for shopping culture and way of life applies at de Goethestrasse

A lady whose eyes get attention by a happy gloss, is the best confirmation that could be given for a man. If you want to experience this mo ment, then offers the Goethestrasse, to find such an object here. Show the woman at your side your appreciation with a special gift, and thus make sure of their devotion. Visit with her lovely lady from the companion service Goethe Street and find out, which you can win her heart for himself. Also, you have the gift of observation and quickly you will know with what attention they can win the heart of the charming lady at your side. On the Goethe Strasse, which is a little out of the ordinary shopping streets, you will surely find it. Not only that, you can be sure that an attention from here in terms of quality and exclusivity cannot be exceeded. So position yourself in a lasting memory and in the heart of the lady of your choice. Big names such as Cartier pder Tiffany’s plan a hit on the head. It’s not just to give a product with melodious name of the lady, like a Louis Vuitton bag. It’s about the experience. Show the lady at your side that it belongs to. Whoever strolls on Goethestrasse in Frankfurt, which belongs to the exquisite Club International Créme de la Créme. Because Frankfurt is already mentioned in terms of style and fashion with Paris or Milan in the same breath. Every woman wants to include it here. Rest assured that the lady, you are allowing this experience and her beyond buy a small but exquisite attention to the Goethestrasse, you will pay for it elsewhere, as you have perhaps far not dared to dream of garnicht.

Fashion in Frankfurt – all names in one place
Sometimes tucked the visitors of Frankfurt will find everything there is in Milan, Madrid or New York. Renowned boutiques, which are the ordinary petrol denied, waiting to be conquered by you and your lady. Whether you want while meeting its needs at about Dan & Dean, or treat your companion even something we have everything. A tasteful shopper who also knows where you can find what is an invaluable companion. In such a way equipped you will be prepared for the nightlife or a fancy restaurant visit. Perhaps the new equipment also serves that the charming lady the man more attractive than ever found at her side. This in turn could lead to a beautiful and sensual experience in the further course.

Worth knowing about Frankfurt

General information about this important city in Germany
The city of Frankfurt is home to almost 732,000 inhabitants. This makes it the largest city in the state of Hesse and the No. 5 largest cities bezigen of population. The state of Hesse is the South-eastern neighbors of NRW, the headquarters of our company. Now we are finally represented here in Frankfurt to offer you the usual high-class services here.
Frankfurt is the only city in Germany that has a distinctive skyline as they usually possess only the large centers overseas. As a financial center of Germany and even Europe Frankfurt is significant, but also fast moving and hectic. But the city also offers quiet places to breathe and relax. These places you can experience. Let yourself be enchanted by one of our ladies of the Escortservice in Frankfurt to such a place, such as the Frankfurt green belt.
Of course, a city that has one of the largest European airport, a hub for other means of transport. With a connection to a total of 5 major highways Frankfurt is well connected to the European road network. The central location makes it possible within a short time to reach other European cities. But the intensive individual traffic also has its pitfalls in the form of traffic jams. Therefore, we recommend the Nutzug ebefalls well-developed rail network with many ICE connections.

No matter which way you reach the city, the ladies of our service will be pleased to make your stay enjoyable.

This includes the visiting numerous attractions.
In addition to the skyline and great locations, it is also the Book Fair, whose visit is worth not only for literature-popes. Those who prefer to indulge in the Kurzweil who finds distraction in large Frankfurt Zoo.

Interested in an exciting and lucrative escort job in Frankfurt?

As a reputable company take our Verantwrtung very seriously as an employer. So we not only offer an above-average income a complete service in terms of application. How provide a professional shoot and assist in styling and makeup for free. We are a company with a friendly air. Filling out the contact form If interested. We are pleased about every new member of our community.

The visit to Frankfurt is using the our agency in Frankfurt a special experience.
Equipped with knowledge of local conditions warrant our ladies not only sensual and passionate attendants, but also very valuable city guides.